Work from Home (WFH) Customer Service and Support

The Virtual Call Center

Work from home service delivery has become more than a pandemic-driven temporary measure, Gartner reports that 89% of service leaders forecast 30% to 80% of their workforce will still be working from home two years from now. AtPoint is ready to support your current and future customer service delivery, whether you require in-office, work-from-home or a flexible, hybrid solution.

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Why You Should Consider Work from Home in Your Operational Strategy

Customer service and support functions were largely forced to operate remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic and employers found that remote service delivery is possible without sacrificing quality, security and reliability. Many employees found that it was preferable and it has quickly become a key factor in attracting the best people. Flexible work arrangements, including working remotely from home, have become an expected option for a positive employee experience for companies all over the world. 

The Key Elements of Our Remote Work Strategy 

There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for remote work. We create a flexible operational strategy that ensures your operations are protected with the best security, controls and technology. Your brand is protected and bolstered through a well-trained team that is eager and prepared to deliver excellent service whether they are in one of our state-of-the-art call centers or working remotely using only the best technology and security protocols.


At AtPoint, we focus on Security when developing your WFH solution. We advise our clients on the industry’s best practices and the best available technology solutions in order to create the best work from home solution for your business.  


We developed a work-from-home (WFH) process that utilizes the latest in industry security and standards.  The basic rules applied to our deployment allow us to monitor, control, and restrict end users based on policies.  We utilize VPN technology to allow secure connectivity between the end user and the corporate network where required.  Each computer is protected with the latest ZERO Trust technology and secured with remote monitoring and management. All WFH computers require Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and all drives are encrypted which prevents unauthorized users from accessing the hard disk without a secure key.  


On top of our standard deployment process, we have technology that can be tailored to the specific needs of individual clients. For example, facial recognition, agent tracking, clean desk area tracking by video, real-time screen recording, and keystroke logger are some of the tools we have available.  


We continuously invest in our teams with ongoing training and incentives that ensure your agents are knowledgeable in the hard and soft skills needed to deliver an optimal customer experience.