SaaS Services Outsourcing

With the increase in competition and demand for SaaS solutions, hiring nearshore outsourcing SaaS (software as a service) support services is a great way to meet market demands quickly and affordably. Our experienced and highly-skilled team is trained to meet your needs and deliver the support your products deserves .

We closely collaborate with your company to develop a strategy for support to provide the highest quality of service. We can assist with the implementation of the customer, data migration and provide 24/7 technical support. AtPoint utilizing omnichannel and our SaaS Outsourcing solutions aims to solve a variety of issues including security, tenancy, subscription, and scalability of the software.

Customer Implementation

We ensure that proper documentation is completed, data migration is successful, and the customer is comfortable utilizing the software.

Automatic SaaS Application

We automate most of the product and integrate training sessions to guide your employees through the software.

Research and Requirements

Before deployment, we can discuss your customer requirements to ensure they taking full advantage of the software and or product.

Support and Maintenance

We offer you support and maintenance using omnichannel technology to ensure your customers are operational and minimize downtime.

Customer service

We provide Customer service as integral parts of the SaaS business model. our agents help customers find the information they need, resolve any issues, and establish the retention rates you need for stable growth. Winning at customer service requires more than just hiring a great team.

Third-Party Integration

We ensure that any API Integration within the software are updated and working properly for your clients.