Nearshore IT Solution

Build loyalty with your customers and let them experience direct customized interactions. Do you need to be able to focus on the core of your business instead of spending too much time and energy on tech support? We can help provide you with personalized technical support solutions for your customers while decreasing costs.

Why Outsource Your IT With AtPoint?

We help you increase your touch with each customer as you expand your reach and digital interaction. You can find flexibility and freedom to work on other projects as our experts provide quality customer service and expert troubleshooting responses.

Every day your customers will experience interactive and engaged responses that are omnichannel. Everyone outsources, and there’s a reason why: customer loyalty increases giving you a cost-effective solution while gaining a competitive difference.

Benefits of Outsourced IT Support

We provide customized tech support process outsourcing services to meet your needs. Here are just a few advantages of choosing AtPoint for your nearshore IT services.

  • We provide omnichannel interactions for your customers via phone, chat, video, email, SMS, or social media.
  • We provide customer support 24/7, because your customers expect answers now.
  • Our outsourced help desk support can cut the costs of your help desk services in half.

Our business process management services provide the flexibility you need with the unified platform that your customers require. Our cost-effective technical support outsourcing eliminates stress while increasing revenues and providing a world-class experience to your customers who expect answers now. The omnichannel solutions help your customer get their answer correctly each time without anything ever being missed.

You should be able to work with service desk outsourcing companies without losing quality control. With AtPoint, you can do just that.

Our tech support call center outsourcing caters to small and medium-sized businesses like yours – you don’t have to be an international brand to be taken seriously by our team.

You maintain quality control because your in-house manager still tells our agents what to do through daily calls, and 2-4 weeks of extensive product-specific training. Our team is just 90 miles off the coast of Florida, so time zone compatibility is not an issue and our nearshore IT agents speak English with little or no accent!

AtPoint offers a viable solution to your service desk outsourcing needs at anywhere between 1/3 to ½ the cost of a comparable domestic agent.

Contact us today to talk about your specific needs and learn how AtPoint can save you time, money, and headaches!