A refreshing approach to outsourcing your business processes.

AtPoint is an experienced provider of nearshore BPO services. We have industry-leading attrition and training processes that translate to improved results for our customers.

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Alleviate stress and cut costs as our omnichannel solutions help you outperform your competition.


What our customers say

Our experience with the Jamaica staff has been superb. They are knowledgeable, articulate, and dedicated to the absolute best customer experience.

Given their significantly lower employee turnover rates they have experience far exceeding what we could maintain in the states.

Communication is key to the success of any relationship and with AtPoint, communication is better than when we had the call center in house.

Their staff competency allowed us to surpass all KPI targets when compared to our internal call center. Customer satisfaction has never been higher and that continues to grow every day.


How we can help


We provide a full suite of customer centric services which include but are not limited to general queries, account activation, upselling, cross selling loyalty programs and customer satisfaction programs.


We can create monthly statements, welcome letters, notifications, marketing and promotional material. Our distribution and storage is highly cost effective through a multi-channel platform.


Our range of support services include remote diagnostics, troubleshooting by our trained experts on a wide range of POS, gateway and credit card point of sale terminals.


Our sales representatives can cold call, while your sales reps close the deal. Structured outbound calling, when paired with a vetted script and experienced call centers agents, is the perfect solution for bringing in qualified leads. 


Utilizing our in-house dialer technology with client provided databases or our own database services, we can manage customer marketing programs via SMS, Email and voice to promote client services.


The primary function is to prepare and examine financial records, provide HR services and manage finances. This department makes sure that records are accurate and that taxes and bills are paid properly and on time.


Red Dot Storage was growing quickly. They had tried an onshore call center solution with no success.


Red Dot Storage partnered with AtPoint to move its call center operations to an outsourced, nearshore model, in Jamaica.


Red Dot Storage increased sales by leveraging AtPoint's professional, well-trained call center agents.


Have concerns about outsourcing?

Will my service levels suffer if I outsource?

This is an understandable and common concern. We have all experienced poor service from outsourced support operations. At AtPoint we have consistently demonstrated to our customers that we can operate as a seamless extension of their business and improve their operations. 

What Is Nearshore Outsourcing?

Nearshore outsourcing companies are those that are technically out of the U.S. but are close enough to enjoy similar time zones, cultural affinities, reliable utilities, and a large pool of English-speaking talent. AtPoint is located in Jamaica only 90 miles off the coast of Florida and is a highly-viable solution to your outsourcing needs.

What is your attrition and why does it matter?

Our attrition rate is 9%, sometimes it is even lower. What does this mean? United States-based call centers typically have 30-50% turnover rates. In a given year that means many support centers completely turn over their staff. Resources are focused on attracting and training new employees rather than upskilling existing ones. At AtPoint we have team members that have been with us for over a decade. We bring the latest best practices in delighting customers to our training programs, continuing to improve upon the technical and soft skills needed to ensure your customers have a positive interaction with our team. 

Can I manage my outsourced team directly?

Absolutely. We give you the desired level of control over your outsourced operations. All of our customers are relieved to no longer have to deal with the stress of attracting, training and retaining operations staff. But you can choose to remain hands on with the day to day operations of that staff or simply set KPIs and a cadence for communication and updates that work for you. 

Will I have a dedicated team?

Yes! Your resources are dedicated and are trained to feel like a part of your business. 


Outsourcing helps industries affected by US labor shortage


Call Center Attrition Benchmarks & Prevention - Finding Reliable BPO Providers

Learn more about attrition and why it is critical to consider when choosing an outsourcing partner.


Messaging channel with IVA

Messaging Channel

Chat solution to engage customers over social media, Web, SMS, Apps and more. Connecting to Live agents to provide an Omni-channel resolution.

Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Automated Messaging across all channels utilizing Artificial Intelligence. Learning algorithms to improve through supervised learning.


Advanced User Interface

Agents can monitor customer web activities and provide real time instruction, web navigation and control, resulting in a better customer experience.

Unified Platform

Customer authenticated messages will automatically record in an SOS system.