Outsourcing Collections Services

Our primary objective of first contact is to negotiate payment in full. We train our collectors to overcome objections and to assess the debtor’s financial situation to ascertain the feasibility of immediate payoff. If payment in full is not feasible, we establish payment plans.

We have a collector training program which focuses on security issues, federal regulations, state regulations, debtor psychology, skip tracing, credit reporting and the latest in collection technology. Our collectors use firm, but diplomatic collection strategies designed to maintain goodwill and preserve the creditor's reputation.
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Billing Services

Our team of expert accounting and billing professionals will assist you in meeting all billing requirements in the most practical way possible.

Clearing Customer Doubts

From answering all your payment-related queries to timely reporting, our customer service team is always there to process your requests.

Manages Operating Costs

By selecting us for your Merchant support needs, you can reduce the overhead operating costs by up to 50 percent. We promise you high efficiency and productivity, so all other functions take place smoothly.

PCI Compliance

Our Experts utilize a brandable PCI portal combing compliance validation, reporting, scanning, and communications into a single platform to provide end-to-end solution to meeting the demanding and changing needs of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) PCI.

Fraud Detection

Fraud detection is a rigorous and time-consuming task. As a company, you don’t always have time to engage in this activity. Our merchant processing outsourcing offers timely and quick fraud detection services along with preventive measures that you can incorporate at all levels within the organization..