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AtPoint origins derive from eServices which was formed in 2000. eServices was the first near shore solution in Jamaica to make inbound and outbound calls. Prior to being sold to ACS in 2009 the business employed 4,300 agents that serviced clients such as Paysafe, United Health Care, XM Satellite, Amazon and Woodforest National Bank. AtPoint synergies within diverse business sectors which creates our unique ability to provide industry leading services and technology that is driven by our years of experience.

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About AtPoint Group

We believe in providing a unified platform to create a world class customer experience. We provide a whole solution to businesses by providing unified responses to all conversations. With our 25+ years of business process services experience, we deliver world-class customer support with innovative solutions tailored to your exact specifications while ensuring quality, accuracy, and efficiency.

Over the years of experience, our team has honed their skills and accumulated vast amounts of knowledge to help you customize, develop, and execute the best possible business processing services available. As your business process outsourcing partner, our customized business process solutions will leave your customer feeling as though they are working directly with you. We become an integral part of your overall digital platform strategy and success.


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We’re more than a call center, we provide business process management so you can increase effectiveness, efficiency, and revenues. Our business process solutions help you provide timely answers and quality work with flexibility and a highly qualified team to better compete in the ever-changing marketplace.

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